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The Sr B Mounties Lacrosse Club is proud to be part of Alberta Series Lacrosse (ASL) of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL), honouring Sr B lacrosse through a dedication to excellence and integrity on and off the floor.

Next Home Game:
  • Friday May 31, 2024, 8pm vs Knights
  • Saturday June 1, 2024, 1pm vs Rebels

Our Training Partner

Mounties Academy Lacrosse is proud to be able to partner with Balsom Sports Performance to provide enhanced, lacrosse-specific athlete development.

Mounties Academy Lacrosse is always pushing the envelop and applying the latest coaching science in player and athlete development to our programs. One such area that has long been overlooked when it comes to optimizing performance in the sport of lacrosse is lacrosse-specific training.

To address this deficit, Mounties Academy Lacrosse partners with Balsom Sports Performance so that we can integrate top-end, certified personal trainers into our programs both as part of the on-floor training our athletes undergo, but also as enhanced service add-on opportunities, all delivered through the incredible expertise our training partners bring to the table coupled with the world-class training facility utilized by the Balsom Sports Performance team of trainers.

Meet our training partner

The Mounties are proud to partner with the elite personal trainers from Balsom Sports Performance to bring our athletes exclusive opportunities for lacrosse-specific training.

balsom sports performance

"We're always looking for innovative programs to team up with who care about the science of sports performance rather than the bro-science we see with so many teams today."

- Dan Balsom, Balsom Sports Performance

Meet the team leads from Balsom Sports Performance

Balsom Sports Performance trains out of the world-class Evolve Strength Sundridge facility in Calgary, Alberta.

A certified personal trainer is often only as good as the facility they can offer to their athletes. With this in mind, our training partners from Balsom Sports Performance work out of Evolve Strength Sundridge, thereby offering our lacrosse-based athletes a world-class facility that is built around the needs of both power and speed-based athletes.

With its fully stacked gym, large open space complete with indoor sprint track, this facility is perfectly designed to execute the science-based approach of both Balsom Sports Performance and the Mounties Academy Lacrosse towards lacrosse-specific and athlete-specific training.

Dan Balsom

LLB, MSc, Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance

Dan Balsom has been working with many of Calgary’s top professional and international athletes and organizations since he began his career.

His methodology centers around improving both lacrosse-specific, and most importantly, player-specific needs such as power, speed, endurance, and change of direction speed. As part of his current doctorate research, Dan is contributing to developing practical and educational frameworks for change of direction speed performance.

Change of direction speed has shown to be one of the most critical elements to sporting performance.

Dan combines his experience and education with a strong passion to help every individual achieve their best possible improvements, both in and out of their sport.

Dan is excited to partner with Mounties Academy Lacrosse to provide the best possible lacrosse-specific training experience for all of their players.

Jessica Leemans

BSc, MSA, MSc, Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance

Jessica Leemans is a Strength and Conditioning Coach specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

She was a two sport NCAA DI athlete, has pursued an undergraduate, two master’s degrees and due to results in key performance indicators and her injury prevention work has most recently been brought in to complete her Doctorate in Elite Performance.

Jessica's approach to athlete training reflects the science-based methodology utilized at Balsom Sports Performance to address coordinative and muscular imbalances along with core stability needs in order to enhance sports performance.

Achieving these goals not only drastically reduces both chronic and acute injuries, but most importantly, allows athletes to return to play faster, stronger, and more explosive.