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The Sr B Mounties Lacrosse Club is proud to be part of Alberta Series Lacrosse (ASL) of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL), honouring Sr B lacrosse through a dedication to excellence and integrity on and off the floor.

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Mounties Hall of Fame

Where the select few are immortalized.

The Mounties are one of the founding franchises in all of Alberta lacrosse and there have been many storied players over the years to be sure. This is where you'll find the best-of-the-best in terms of contributors to the success of the Mounties organization both on and off the floor.

Mounties Hall of Fame Class of 2024

The Hall of Fame class of 2024 represent more than just individuals or even an entire team, but rather an era, the 80's-era! This group set unprecedented standards for excellence spanning a decade, including representing Alberta in 7 consecutive President's Cups, medaling in 3 of them including gold in 1983. You can also learn more about the 80's-era in Mounties History.

Kelly ("Mitch") Mitchell

  • Silver Medal, 1981 President’s Cup
  • Gold Medal, 1983 President’s Cup
  • Bronze Medal, 1984 President’s Cup
  • 7 Consecutive President’s Cup Appearances, 1980 – 1986
  • 2nd Team All-Star, 1991 President’s Cup

Dwayne ("Ferg") Ferguson

  • Silver Medal, 1981 President’s Cup
  • Gold Medal, 1983 President’s Cup
  • Bronze Medal, 1984 President’s Cup
  • 7 Consecutive President’s Cup Appearances, 1980 – 1986
  • 1st Team All-Star, 1985 President’s Cup
  • 1st Team All-Star, 1986 President’s Cup
  • Tournament MVP, 1986 President’s Cup

Wayne ("Suds") Sutherland

  • Silver Medal, 1981 President’s Cup
  • Gold Medal, 1983 President’s Cup
  • Bronze Medal, 1984 President’s Cup
  • 7 Consecutive President’s Cup Appearances, 1980 – 1986
  • Mounties coach, '79 - '82, '84 - '86, '96 - '99

1983 President's Cup Champions

  • Silver Medal, 1981 President’s Cup
  • Gold Medal, 1983 President’s Cup
  • Bronze Medal, 1984 President’s Cup
  • 7 Consecutive President’s Cup Appearances, 1980 – 1986

Mounties Hall of Fame Class of 2022

The Hall of Fame class of 2022 is a special group because this is the inaugural group of HoF inductees, each of whom has been a staple of the Mounties franchise for the past decade and/or made an indelible contribution to the team.

Jason Crook, #21

Draft: 2009, 1st Overall
First Season: 2009
Season's Played: 12*

Games Played: 222
Goals: 244
Points: 573
PIM: 97

About Jason

On the floor Jason specialized in offensive output and making his teammates better. He serviced those objectives through a quintessential servant leadership style as Captain of the team, alongside a next-level lacrosse IQ for virtually all areas of the game.

Jason was a player in which the culture of the Mounties was literally built around and he was integral in not just the resurrection of the Mounties franchise but in its on-floor success for over a decade. Jason’s stats are among the top 5 in RMLL history but beyond that, it is no exaggeration to say that Jason has been the most important player to the Mounties organization over his 12 year career.

*Does not include 2020, 2021 due to CV19.

Donnie Haynes, #10

Draft: 2008, 1st Overall
First Season: 2008
Season's Played: 13*

Games Played: 201
Goals: 126
Points: 340
PIM: 274

About Donnie

Donnie was targeted in the 2008 draft due to his superb athletic ability, selfless attitude on and off the floor, his high-end skill-set, and his culture-building character. Early in his career with the Mounties Donnie served as Captain until he passed that honour along to the next generation. On the floor he brought a much-needed offensive prowess which ultimately proved to be an integral part of the Mounties long-term success.

Later in his career, Donnie’s athleticism, which includes his ageless leg and lung power along with his emotional determination made him a high-valued player who could do anything asked of him at a very high level. Donnie’s commitment and longevity has left an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of the Mounties organization.

*Does not include 2020, 2021 due to CV19.

Colton Barby, #12

Draft: 2011, 7th Overall
First Season: 2011
Season's Played: 10*

Games Played: 146
Goals: 26
Points: 87
PIM: 723

About Colton

Colton was a character, culture building player who brought a unique blend of emotional intensity, athleticism, and technical capability to the game.

There have been few competitors in the lacrosse world that brought such a high level of defensive excellence over such a prolonged period of time as Colton was able to do. His ability to execute on the floor against the best players on the opposition, combined with his ability to hold his teammates accountable so they were always giving their best is a skill-set that only special athletes bring to the table and Colton was such a player. Colton was also one of the most fierce and feared competitors to ever play for the Mounties.

*Does not include 2020, 2021 due to CV19.

andrew smistad - mounties lacrosse player

Andrew Smistad, #13

Draft: 2012, 4th Overall
First Season: 2016
Season's Played: 5*

Games Played: 76
Goals: 13
Points: 28
PIM: 90

About Andrew

Andrew was one of the most unique individuals to ever wear a Mounties jersey. He was a defensive tactician who could defend against any player he faced, but also his leadership style was unparalleled among his peers.

The fact that Andrew only played 5 seasons at the time of this induction is a reflection of how substantial his contributions to the Mounties success has been over that time. From making his teammates better on the floor, to making the Mounties organization better off the floor, Andrew has been an irreplaceable part of the Mounties success, culture, and the Mounties family.

*Does not include 2020, 2021 due to CV19.

Mounties Lifetime MVP Recipients

The Mounties Lifetime MVP Award recognizes the indelible contributions of an individual not only to the Mounties Lacrosse Club, but to the lacrosse community as a whole. This is our highest honor we provide to an individual who may not officially be a member of the Mounties, but is indeed part of the Mounties family and an honorary member hereafter.

Steve Harlow

March 2021 - Inaugural recipient of the Mounties Lifetime MVP Award

The Sr B Mounties are very pleased to announce the first ever recipient of the Mounties LifeTime MVP Award to one of the games truest fans and builders, Steve Harlow.

Steve is a co-founder of one of the most successful youth lacrosse programs in the country, the Mounties YouthLax Camps (now called Mounties Academy Lacrosse) and this award is a reflection of the significance of Steve's contributions to that program, and to lacrosse in Calgary in general.

Steve’s vision and drive to move from idea to implementation, and frankly just to make things happen, has been instrumental and inspirational in the creation of a program that gives over 100 young lacrosse athletes a year a next-level lacrosse and personal development experience.

Incidentally, Steve is also the founder and driving force behind the Jr NLL Roughnecks program of which the Mounties are intricately involved, where Steve once again was able to create a program that provides nearly 60 kids a year an opportunity to experience what it’s like to play at the professional level, coupled with a high-end lacrosse development model.

Steve is a true builder of the game and is athlete-first when it comes to all his lacrosse endeavors, and the Mounties have been extremely fortunate to have partnered up with this uniquely driven builder and superb human being.

Thank you to our 2021 Mounties LifeTime MVP Recipient - Steve Harlow!

"Thank-you so much for providing a camp of such a high calibre. My son has thoroughly enjoyed each year he has participated. You can not find a camp of the same value at the same price. All the coaches truly care about the players increasing their skill and overall knowledge of the game. The scrimmages keep the athletes engaged in a very competitively yet friendly environment. If I could give 10 stars I would."

- Shaun Bradley, parent