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The Sr B Mounties Lacrosse Club is proud to be part of Alberta Series Lacrosse (ASL) of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL), honouring Sr B lacrosse through a dedication to excellence and integrity on and off the floor.

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  • Friday May 31, 2024, 8pm vs Knights
  • Saturday June 1, 2024, 1pm vs Rebels

for players born in 2010 & 2011 (U15)

Camp runs October - December

mounties dev camp
Registration for 2024 is opening soon!

The Mounties Dev Camp is the premier player development camp for U15 players looking to fast-track their skill development. Camp starts in the first week of October - more details below.

The Mounties Dev Camp is designed to provide motivated players with the next-level technical development required to excel on the floor faster than their peers.

With a focus on core micro-skill development and the introduction of systems utilized at the U15 level but always with an eye towards U17, this camp facilitates the rapid development of players putting them ahead of their peers at U15, and optimally prepared for the jump to U17.

Plus, our holistic approach to player development means we focus not just on the technical side of the game, but we also put an emphasis on leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork - we want to develop the person as much as the player - all of which is delivered in our unique non-toxic approach to high-performance player development.

Technical Skill Development

We accelerate the technical development curve by putting a focus on micro-skills in our standard, non-toxic approach to high-performance lacrosse development.

Leadership Development

We encourage and enable our camp athletes to explore and develop leadership skills in a safe but competitive space, putting an emphasis on servant leadership.

Teamwork Development

Teamwork and being a good teammate is one of our core developmental pillars. We show our camp athletes how putting your teammate first makes you a better player.

Sportsmanship Development

We teach our athletes how to compete at a high-performance level while also cultivating a strong value system that includes sportsmanship. We want good players and good people.

  • Our son has participated in this camp for a number of years, not only is it his favourite training camp but we as parents see amazing results in his performance and confidence each year. We can’t say enough good things about the coaching and positive atmosphere.
    Alesha Manning - parent
  • Our son participated in the U15 Primer Camp. The camp was extremely well organized and executed. Our son liked the drills, videotaping of his shot on net for assessment, and endurance and mobility training at the end of each session. We noticed he improved in his speed, skills and confidence. This program was worth the price, which we thought was extremely reasonable given what our son received in return. We would absolutely recommend the Primer Camp and our son will be participating in future camps with the Mounties. - parent
    Kimberly Smith - Parent
  • I witnessed my son's confidence grow along with his skill and knowledge of the game. A true reflection of coaches and what they brought to the camp and game of lacrosse. Thank you.
    Sarah McQuarrie - parent
  • Thank-you so much for providing a camp of such a high calibre. My son has thoroughly enjoyed each year he has participated. You can not find a camp of the same value at the same price. All the coaches truly care about the players increasing their skill and overall knowledge of the game. The scrimmages keep the athletes engaged in a very competitively yet friendly environment. If I could give 10 stars I would.
    Shaun Bradley - parent
  • We had two of our boys in the Sparks Camp in 2023 and to say they loved it would be an understatement. They not only fostered many new friendships, they also improved much more than we expected. The coaching staff was excellent and open to communication. Without a doubt, my boys will attend this training over any camp that is offered in the city. Thanks again!
    Carmen Bichel - parent
  • My son came into the camp with good skills, the coaches enhanced not only his lacrosse skills but also his life skills. Would highly recommend this camp for both lacrosse skills and life skills.
    Jason Taylor - parent
  • I truly believe having some people like yourself believe in him despite not playing on an A team has allowed him to have the confidence to go out and try, especially at the floor times. Even though he was injured and sick for a lot of the prep camp, I believe he still learnt a lot and was able to put those skills into use at their floor times. Anyways, thank you for working with him, and thank you for your kind words and belief in him that he could / can be an impact player going forward.
    Graham Mack - parent
  • The 2 years that Hayden's been part of the program have been amazing. Thank you for all that you do for these kids.
    Shawn Wasson - parent
  • John and Steve, I really appreciate the work you both put in to make this camp a success. It was great to have a competitive environment for these boys with some great coaches. I know Kean really liked the interaction and the opportunity to build relationships with Junior and Senior coaches.
    Ron Moon - parent
  • Thanks to you and your coaches for the extraordinary sessions put on by this camp. Max was extremely keen to attend and I thank you for including him in your invitation to the Jr camp even though he is a year away from that step. Thank you for dedication to the sport of lacrosse and for your infectious enthusiasm that gets translated to the athletes. All the best this lacrosse season.
    Michelle Janousek - parent
  • I just wanted to send you and your coaching staff a big thank you for putting on this camp. Great concept for the graduating midgets, Mason thoroughly enjoyed being on the floor with all of you!!
    Dayna Dyck - parent

Program Cost

Over 30 hours of core athlete development from elite-level coaches.

This years camp is just $825 (that's right around $25 / floor) and includes 33 hours of instruction from some of Alberta's most elite level coaches (including goalies). With 4 - 6 instructors per floor (nobody puts more on the floor), at least 7 intra-squad games played for the Mounties Dev Camp Cup, jersey, and access to the Dev Camp private GroupSpot Group, there are no holes in this program.

Pay your deposit today to secure your spot or keep scrolling to get more details.

30+ hours of core development from elite-level coaches

lacrosse players

Meet the Mounties Academy Lacrosse Coaches

ALA sanctioned

The Mounties Dev Camp is an ALA sanctioned camp.

"Coaches, just wanted to extend thanks for such an amazing camp, we were blown away from the whole experience, Blake and Reid are already looking forward to the next one!"

- Bryan Davies, parent

More details about this program

Here are a few more details about the Mounties Dev Camp.

2024 camp schedule

camp runs october 1 - december 20, 2024 - full schedule coming soon.

The complete schedule will be available for download for registered players (dates subject to change based on facility availability), but our general format is as follows:

  • When: October 1, 2024 - December 20, 2024.
  • Location: Calgary Soccer Centre.
  • Days: Sunday's plus one weekday which is predominately Wednesday's in October, Monday's in November, and a little variability in December.
  • Time: 7 - 8:30pm.

Note: Final schedule including days, times, and location are subject to change.

who is this camp for?

This years Mounties Dev Camp is specifically designed for players born in 2010 and 2011 (U15).
[Looking for a similar elite camp experience for different age groups? You might want the Mounties Sparks Camp (U13) or the Mounties Jr Prep Camp (U17+).]

This camp is designed for players who are motivated to not only build upon the core skills required to be proficient at the U15 level, but are also interested in a camp that focuses on the micro-skills required to really grow as a lacrosse player at U15 and into U17.

The main objective of the Mounties Dev Camp is to optimize the development time every player has on the floor so as to provide the best opportunity to become an impact player. The happens by a unique focus on core skill development and micro-skills.

This camp is a critical component of our overall integrated player development model which also includes the Mounties Sparks Camp (U13) and the Mounties Jr Prep Camp (U17+), as well as the Roughnecks Jr NLL program which is largely staffed by our Mounties Academy Lacrosse coaches.

camp format

practices. intra-squad series.

Camp is broken down into practice sessions and an intra-squad scrimmage series in a roughly 2-to-1 ratio (2 practices for every 1 game). Games are generally structured as a best-of-seven season series to help enhance the competitive value, and the winners are awarded the Mounties Summit Cup.

The focus of practice sessions is micro-skills and systems work that are directly applicable at the U15 and entry level U17 levels. Players then get to apply these skills in a formal game setting via the intra-squad series.

camp instructors

5+ instructors per floor.

Like all Mounties camps, a unique element of our programs is the number of elite-level lacrosse coaches we put on every floor, and our Primer Camp is no different.

Our program is able to not only bring high-end lacrosse instructors to every floor, but we pride ourselves in ensuring we always have at least 4 instructors out to every floor but normally that number is upwards of 6 and 8 or 9 is not unusual to see, including goalie coaches. We also enjoy bringing out top caliber guest instructors.

Our instructors are all high-end players in their own right with most having experience in Jr A, Sr A, NCAA, or the NLL. Our approach ensures that players get the maximum rep-time during practice, but also benefit from extensive one-on-one or small group time with coaches without disruption of drills.

Many of our camp instructors are head or assistant coaches with various Jr teams so not only are our camp players getting high-end instruction, but they are getting coached by the actual people who could very well end up being part of their Jr coaching staff.

attention goalies

dedicated development - dedicated goalie coaches.

It seems many programs forget about their goalies and use them only for target practice. Not the Mounties Dev Camp. We love our goalies and treat them as such.

The Mounties Dev Camp includes dedicated goalie instructors who's sole focus is to coach our camp goalies. High-end goalie coaches are few and far between and we are lucky enough to have some of the best active player-goalie coaches around.

Floor-times include personalized instruction for goalies including one-on-one time with out goalie coaches, and every week segments of practice time are dedicated solely to goalie-specific micro-skill development drills.

We also limit the number of goalies admitted into the Mounties Dev Camp to ensure the net can be adequately shared without sacrificing rep-time. We've found that a maximum of 6 goalies per camp is the sweet spot because if all 6 show for any given floor, sharing a net among 3 goalies is manageable, but we also generally splice off 2 goalies at a time to work one-on-one with our goalie coaches.

30+ hours of elite-level instruction for players and goalies

ALA sanctioned

The Mounties Dev Camp is an ALA sanctioned Camp.

Camp Reviews

"Thank-you so much for providing a camp of such a high calibre. My son has thoroughly enjoyed each year he has participated. You can not find a camp of the same value at the same price. All the coaches truly care about the players increasing their skill and overall knowledge of the game. The scrimmages keep the athletes engaged in a very competitively yet friendly environment. If I could give 10 stars I would."

- Shaun Bradley, parent